Microsoft releases Security Advisory 2641690, updates Untrusted Certificate Store

Hi everyone,

As a follow-up to Friday’s blog post, today we released Security Advisory 2641690 to notify customers that we revoked the trust of DigiCert Sdn.Bhd in an update that moves two Intermediate Certificate Authorities (CA) certificates to the Microsoft Untrusted Certificate Store.

We made this decision after Entrust, Inc., a CA in the Microsoft Root Certificate Program, notified us that one of its subordinate CAs issued 22 certificates with weak 512 bit keys, a violation of Microsoft’s Root Certificate Program requirements. At this time, there is no indication that the certificates were issued fraudulently but with this update, we are proactively protecting customers from potential issues.

There is no action for customers who have enabled Automatic Updates as the update, which applies to all supported versions of Microsoft Windows, will be downloaded and installed automatically.

The two certificates include:

  • Digisign Server ID – (Enrich) issued by Certification Authority (2048)
  • Digisign Server ID (Enrich) issued by GTE CyberTrust Global Root

DigiCert Sdn. Bhd (Digicert Malaysia) is a Malaysian subordinate CA under Entrust and Verizon (GTE CyberTrust), and is not related to DigiCert Inc., which is a member of the Windows Root Certificate Program.

For more information, please see Security Advisory 2641690.

Thanks —
Jerry Bryant
Group Manager, Response Communications
Trustworthy Computing Group