Microsoft is sponsoring the Cyber Security Challenge UK

The global adoption of computing continues to draw attackers toward ever-richer targets. The latest data from the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report shows that although industry-wide vulnerability disclosures are down (and computer defenses are improved), exploit activity has actually increased in many parts of the world. See the Microsoft Security Intelligent Report (SIR) v14 for more details.

In order to counter this growing global threat, it’s imperative that we grow the pool of talented cyber security professionals who can help our internet-dependent societies. Business – as well as governments – are looking to recruit talented individuals into their cyber security workforce, and we can’t find enough qualified individuals to solve some of our most pressing problems. Driven by continued internet adoption (doubling to 4 billion internet users by 2020), the number of cyber security jobs will steadily increase and this demand for cybersecurity talent will continue to grow.

To help meet this need, Microsoft is proud to be a Platinum Plus sponsor of the Cyber Security Challenge UK.  Cyber Security Challenge UK is a non-profit organization funded primarily through sponsorships with a specific goal of bringing new talent into the cyber security force. The program focuses on identifying & developing participants of all ages who are not yet cyber security professionals, having them compete for prizes ranging from internships at a sponsor company, full Masters-level college scholarships and paid memberships in professional organizations.

To learn more about the Cyber Security Challenge UK, please visit

Matt Thomlinson,
General Manager, Trustworthy Computing Security
Microsoft Corporation