Announcing BlueHat v15 Conference

We are happy to announce the 15th version of the Microsoft BlueHat Security Conference set for January 12-13, 2016.  The annual security conference brings internal and external speakers to educate and engage Microsoft’s engineering community and their executives.  Work is under way currently to set the schedule for this event.  Attendance at BlueHat is open to Microsoft full time employees, contingent staff, and invited researchers, luminaries, partners, and customers.

Call for Papers

The Content Advisory Board invites thought leaders, security experts, and partners to submit original and challenging content for the security conference.  From your research to perspectives and ideas we are looking for content that will engage the engineering focused audience and executives.  We particularly invite submissions that have specific calls to action.  This year we would like to focus content around the following topics:

  • Public, Dedicated, or Hybrid Cloud service security

  • Mobile Application Security

  • Advanced Persistent Threats & Threat Intelligence

  • Mitigation and Sandbox Escapes or Defenses

  • Authentication Technologies

  • Consumer Privacy

  • New Attack Surface Areas

A limited number of presentation spaces are available and all submissions will be reviewed by the Content Advisory Board on a rolling basis until all talk slots are filled.  We ask that all submissions be presented in abstract form no later than October 31st.  Deadlines for full content will be later in December.  Presentations should target 30 or 60 minute format with no more than three speakers specified.  Some presentations will be selected to present to Microsoft executives in a smaller format in addition to the large format at the event.  Speakers will be informed of their acceptance via email.

Submit your presentation abstracts to to be considered as a potential BlueHat speaker!

Conference Registration

Attendance at BlueHat v15 Conference is by invitation only. All invited attendees will receive an email with registration link and conference agenda in November.