BlueHat v16 Announced

Microsoft is pleased to announce our sixteenth BlueHat Security Conference set for November 3-4, 2016 at the Microsoft Conference Center here in Redmond. BlueHat is a unique opportunity for Microsoft engineers and the security community to come together learn about the current threat landscape and challenge the thinking and we actions we do in security. This past January saw 1,000 participants from around the world engage in this forum. We are excited to formally begin the push for our next conference!

At this time we are also opening the call for papers. The blend of external and internal speakers that help challenge us around the security issues pressing our customers makes this conference great. The call for papers will run June 1st through August 19th, 2016. We are looking for abstract submissions with clear calls to action for our engineering focused audience. Some possible themes we are interested in seeing abstracts on are:

  • Virtualization & Cloud-based research, exploits, and defense
  • How customers are getting owned (case studies and research)
  • New Exploit techniques
  • Emerging Threats & Trends
  • Anti-exploitation techniques
  • Human Hacking & Defense
  • Identity & Authentication research, exploits, and defense
  • Infrastructure & IoT Security research, exploits, and defense
  • Machine learning & security analytics

The field for abstracts is wide open. Come challenge us and help to shape how Microsoft thinks about security! This year we have a new tool which should make submitting abstracts easier. There are also examples of what has worked well in the past for some of the specific requirements. Submit your abstracts here:   

Watch this blog over the summer as we will release more information and previews for BlueHat v16. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting again in November.


Phillip Misner,

Principal Security Group Manager, MSRC



BlueHat v16 Survey Completion Give-Away Rules


As part of the Microsoft BlueHat BlueHat v16 Conference, Microsoft will conduct a give-away of prizes described in the prizes section below. A reconciliation of attendees and end of event survey completions will occur to determine eligible participants. Any duplications will be removed as only one entry per person is allowed. A random drawing by a disinterested party will occur based the list of eligible personnel who have submitted their end of event surveys by Midnight on 11/9/2016. All decisions regarding winners by the event organizers are final.

Prizes: As part of the BlueHat Conference, Microsoft will select one individual to receive a Microsoft Xbox One valued at $399 and 20 individuals to receive a Starbucks gift card valued at $10 each.

Eligibility: The give-away is open to all the BlueHat v16 attendees (to External attendees, Microsoft FTEs and Interns, and Contingent Staff) who attend the conference either in person or via Live Streaming, and COMPLETE the End of Day Surveys. Personnel who are unable to attend due to technical issues, geography, or other events that prohibit attendance are not eligible. Additionally, personnel who view only the On Demand videos after the event and event organizers are not eligible.

Any questions regarding this give-away should be sent to


BlueHat v16 Give-Away Winners

Microsoft Xbox One Winner
  • Leith Malick (CELA)
$10 Starbucks Gift Card Winners
  1. Al Billings
  2. Alex Berry
  3. Alex Schneider (AZURE)
  4. Bryan Dent
  5. Dmitry Samosseiko
  6. Duncan Chan
  7. Elliot Kirk
  8. Gladys Rodriguez
  9. Henri-Bastien Lamontagne
  10. Jerry Cochran
  11. Luiz Mello
  12. Mechele Gruhn
  13. Roberto Bamberger
  14. Scott Harvey
  15. Scott Robinson (NT)
  16. Stephanie Calabrese
  17. Stephen Byer
  18. Tomas Matousek
  19. Val Saengphaibul
  20. Vinay Prabhushankar



Learn More About BlueHat v16 Call for Papers: BlueHat v16 CFP Instructions