BlueHat v.4 — shipped!

Sarah Blankinship here. I’m in the Security Technology Unit (STU), a group responsible for product security at Microsoft. One of the STU’s charters is securing products we have and have not shipped yet. So what is BlueHat? A hacker conference? A way to lure unsuspecting researchers to Microsoft? The /. comments and speculation about our real …

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Channel 9 Bluehat video

You asked for it.  You got it.  In addition to inviting a number of community members this year we also had channel 9 come to BlueHat and they created a video for your viewing pleasure. The 39 minute video contains interviews with the presenters talking about their presentations, background and research.  Here’s a link to …

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BlueHat Hackers?

BlueHat Hackers? There have been some misconceptions recently around both security researchers we bring in for Blue Hat, and security consulting companies that also help us make our products.  I’ve even seen the phrase “Blue hat hackers” thrown around. While it was terribly flattering (and somewhat amusing) to the BlueHat team to see the incredible …

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Where can you learn more?

The BlueHat team has been getting a lot of questions from both inside and outside of Microsoft asking if we are going to publicly post video or audio recordings of the BlueHat presentations, or if we are going to hoard the BlueHatty goodness and keep the presentation details all to ourselves…  A totally valid question …

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Podcasts are online!

Caleb Sima: Exploiting Web ApplicationsHalvar Flake: BinDiff AnalysisHD Moore: How not to deploy ASP.Net applications & MetasploitAlexander Kornbrust: Database Viruses & Rootkits Enjoy,Brad Sarsfield  

Exploiting Web Applications

Over the next few days we’ll all be writing about the BlueHat sessions…  Today I’m excited to have a chance to tell you more about the Exploiting Web Applications presentation made by Caleb Sima, CTO and co-founder of SPI Dynamics at BlueHat 3 on March 9th.  (Listen to a podcast interview with Caleb here.) So …

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BlueHat Blog quoted in press

The BlueHat blog has been up less than 24 hours, and it was quoted this morning in an article by Robert McMillan on InfoWorld.  That article has already hit /.  Some of the comments are pretty funny…  I can’t wait for the speaker podcasts and channel9 video to go live so people can hear directly from …

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Bluehat v3 first thoughts

Hi, I’m Brad Sarsfield (bradsa!); I’m the SQL guy here. One of the interesting things about me and my team is that I own the ‘slammer’ component in SQL Server, so by that very nature quite a large part of my job description is to ensure (and I quote) “that never … ever … happens …

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