Security Advisory

June 2009 Bulletin Release

Summary of Microsoft’s monthly security bulletin release for June 2009. Today we released 10 new security bulletins. 6 of those affect Windows with two rated as critical, three rated as important and one as moderate. The remaining four all have an aggregate rating of critical and affect Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel …

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Chills and Thrills at FIRST

Sveika! Hey Steve here, been a while since I posted on the EcoStrat blog. With all the security events that happened during the latter half of 2008, I have been very focused on working with the security update releases and Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP). Handle: Cap’n Steve IRL: Steve Adegbite Rank: Senior Security Program …

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What is SCPcert?

Handle:Zot IRL: Zot O’Connor Rank: Program Manager 2 Likes: Taking on the enemy with partners, Automating processes, good scotch and bourbon Dislikes: Poor reporting, FUD, miscreants, dangling participles Well it’s been a busy week at GOVCERT.NL Symposium 2008. I thank the wonderful people at for creating an amazing event. I ate many Dutch delicacies, …

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