Security Conference Engagement

Announcing BlueHat v15 Conference

We are happy to announce the 15th version of the Microsoft BlueHat Security Conference set for January 12-13, 2016.  The annual security conference brings internal and external speakers to educate and engage Microsoft’s engineering community and their executives.  Work is under way currently to set the schedule for this event.  Attendance at BlueHat is open …

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Preparing for Live Pwnage: Mitigation Bypass Bounty Machine Specs for Black Hat

With about one week to go before we all gather at Black Hat in Las Vegas, we’re getting inquiries about precisely how the promised Live Mitigation Bypass Bounty judging at Black Hat will work. For most of the world, it works best when you get a good spot at the Microsoft booth (#301) around noon …

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Handle:Cluster IRL: Maarten Van Horenbeeck Rank: Senior Program Manager Likes: Slicing covert channels, foraging in remote memory pools, and setting off page faults Dislikes: The crackling sound of crypto breaking, warm vodka martni “We want to remain what we are” (“Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn”) is the national motto of the Grand Duchy of … Why it’s all about building bridges Read More »

BlueHat v10 Shipping!

Handle:Silver Surfer IRL: Mike Reavey Rank: Director, MSRC Likes: Warm weather, Battlestar Galactica, and responsibly reported vulnerabilities Dislikes: Rain, Rain without end, Clouds with potential for rain, reality TV, and unpatched vulns I’m here playing MC at the tenth edition (!!!) of the BlueHat Security Briefings on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond. So far it …

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MAPP – An Insider’s view

Intro Matt Watchinski here, Senior Director, Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT). It’s that time of year again. The mercury is soaring above 100F, and I am crammed onto a “flying bus” heading out to Las Vegas to attend this year’s iteration of the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences. Something about this tradition always leads …

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May You Live in Interesting Times

Handle:StoneZ IRL: Adrian Stone Rank: Senior Security Program Manager Lead Likes: Predictive Analytics, Game Theory, Databases, Sports Cars, NFL Football, Direct People Dislikes: Losing, Liars, Posers, No Talent Clowns It was two years ago at Black Hat that my colleague Katie Moussouris announced the launch of the Microsoft Vulnerability Research (MSVR) program. Shortly thereafter I …

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The EMET 2.0 Training Video has arrived!

Hey there, I’m pleased to announce that the BlueHat team has partnered with the dynamic Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) Engineering duo of Andrew Roths and Fermin J. Serna on a training video previewing the new release, version 2.0, of the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET). This training video is currently live on the BlueHat …

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